Alexandre Bazin has been shaping electronic music with an experimental approach since the early 2010s. He was involved in the experimental scene on the outskirts of GRM.

With his offbeat experimental music encompassing multiple electronic styles, Alexandre attempts to synthesize two worlds, either in symbiosis or in opposition to one another, atonal and tonal, experimental and popular music.

The use of analog synthesizers like the Buchla Music Easel, EMS Synthi, electronic and computer software programming are at the heart of the composer’s creative process.

His music is distributed by Important Records / Cassauna (USA), Umor Rex Records (Mexico), Polytechnic Youth (UK) & Kowtow records (FR).

He has performed at one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals Moogfest in the USA in 2018. One of his live performances was recently broadcast on the French TV channel CultureBox in 2021.

Alexandre Bazin has been a member of the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) since 2005, for whom he writes 60-minute documentaries* about music for the radio, and arranges interviews with artists-in-residence.


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March 18, 2022 / Design: © João Castro

This new record of both minimal and experimental electronic music is a Piece that is separated into several movements for the purpose of stronger narrative and aesthetic coherence.
The album explores the concept of percussion / resonance through the spectrum of electronic frequencies and densities with a plunge into the sound. « Percussion-Resonance » makes use of a new alphabet, a simple vocabulary in order to create innovative and personal music, with a clear and emotional subject. Structured architectural sequences give way to the experimental. Different climaxes punctuate the work in order to keep grabbing the listener’s attention. The record title tackle the theme of musique concrète developed by French composer Pierre Schaeffer as well a nod to Bernard Parmegiani’s De Natura Sonorum. Music for Buchla Music Easel, EMS Synthi, Eurorack Mutable Instruments, resonances sound textures.


March 18, 202 /Design: © Daniel Castrejón

Alexandre Bazin returns to Umor Rex records with a 4-track 12-inch vinyl due on March 18, 2022. This new EP encompasses a multitude of electronic styles, ranging from experimental to dancefloor, while integrating sounds of house music as well as acoustic drums. “Four Steps” - as in four new steps - towards increasingly more techno music. This EP emphasizes Alexandre’s evolution towards techno music. Giving him the room to synthesize his favorite genres, where electronic soundscapes, sound experimentation, and computer programming all mingle with his concise compositions.
- Four Steps I begins with a house rhythm track that evolves with gravity and that is interspersed with melodies created with his Buchla Music Easel among other instruments.
- Four Steps II presents the listener with electronic acid and house loops made with Alexandre’s EMS Synthi. The song develops minimally staying true to techno-specific writing.
- Four Steps III begins with a raw and dirty almost punk introduction, then opens up to more house music. Alexandre called on François Desmoulins to record drums on this track which he later remixed with a drum machine.
- Four Steps IV is at the crossroads of drone music, ambient music and techno. A drone base with tiny variations in filters and pitch, provides the listener with a practically infinite layered techno loop.


Kowtow Records / Polytechnic Youth LP 2021

A motif repeated until it disappeared from the landscape. Yet it remains there, floating at the envy, playing with the air, circling around heaps of atmosphere, surronding noises and organizing sounds. Sensation is electronic, and it gently drains fluid electricity from it. In reverse, she swims between two opposing tensions, two slightly diurnal temperaments, themselves hesitating between dog and wolf, between Germany and France, perhaps California. When do you really listen to music? When do you still spend time with her ?  
No doubt when it surprises you, when it takes you somewhere other than where you thought you would find it. When, too, you find yourself in the middle of the night when she has approached you in the middle of the day, in the hollow of the sun and the light. Where did the time go? He got lost in the sequence of an all-wanting instrument. So much the better.  Alexandre Bazin’s gesture is located somewhere in between all of this, between the absolutely abrupt moments where you feel the machines spinning as if they were nourished and motivated by a body which is aware only of its contact with them. And then, between the pieces, between what turns and hypnotizes, a consciousness is revealed, which underlines a singular way of making music, beyond the machines themselves, with the delicacy and the silence of those who are calm only when it comes time to fall asleep soundly. That is to say? That is to say almost never. And so much better for sleepless nights and electrified full moons, eyes wide open, static light buzzing in mind. Softness hovers from end to end of it all, of this delicately sleepwalking disc, weightless.

© text by Joseph Ghosn
© Design : The Royal Studio

︎︎︎ Guitar: Maxence Crouzard (tracks 2, 6 )
︎︎︎ Drums: François Desmoulins (tracks 2, 6, 8, 9) & Bass (track 5)


  1. Oceans - Respire
  2. Oceans - Swell
  3. Oceans - Rising Seas
  4. Oceans - Underwater
  5. The Deserter
  6. Dream-Land (A)
  7. Dream-Land (B)
  8. Dream-Land (C)
  9. Dream-Land (D)

︎︎︎ Marimba: Gabriel Benlolo (tracks 1 to 4 ) / A. Bazin (tracks 3, 4)

“Oceans” was written for Marimba, Piano and Buchla Music Easel, in 4 movements around the theme of the Ocean. Simple and loose melodies, played on piano and Buchla. They rotate around the marimba which evokes breathing and the rhythm of the swell. Suspended melodies reminiscent of Generative music although in this case they are an improvisation around a simple motif. Through its title and movements, this work evokes a reflection around climate change and our relationship to Oceans: water, breathing, the repetition of movement, but also its immensity which reminds us of our limits. The piece was performed by Alexandre Bazin on Piano, Buchla Music Easel and Marimba as well as Gabriel Benlolo on Marimba, a member of the Radio France Philharmonic orchestra. 

Not escaping a situation to flee but to be physically freed from it. The response manifests itself through the breath, heartbeat and the act of running. Beyond a moral necessity, it becomes a physical necessity that cannot be contained. Your natural defenses provoke this sudden urge. Your body cannot be contained through inaction. Our bodies in action escape all control, in order to free ourselves from the time that is limited to us. A piece for percussion, electric organ and Buchla Music Easel.

A piece that borrows its titles from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem. In the spirit of the GRM’s acousmatic works, such as “L’Enfer” by Bernard Parmegiani or “Suite pour Edgar Poe” by Guy Reibel. Alexandre Bazin, a member of the GRM, wrote music inspired by this mysterious, perhaps
imaginary land, at the edge of the human spirit, where a lonesome traveler walks among the shadows, advancing through harsh and hostile nature, “Out of space – Out of time ”. An Earth that evokes purgatory, loneliness and introspection. The aridity of the landscape creates an explicitly vertiginous map where one crosses paths with past memories, lonely angels and an idol named Night. The aridity of the landscape is interpreted through the EMS synthi’s electronics, ideal for its attack, brightness and deep bass sounds, like “Mountains toppling evermore into seas without a shore”. The piece ends with a sound recording made in the middle of winter on a deserted beach in the French Landes region during a storm.