Kowtow Records / Polytechnic Youth LP 2021

A motif repeated until it disappeared from the landscape. Yet it remains there, floating at the envy, playing with the air, circling around heaps of atmosphere, surronding noises and organizing sounds. Sensation is electronic, and it gently drains fluid electricity from it. In reverse, she swims between two opposing tensions, two slightly diurnal temperaments, themselves hesitating between dog and wolf, between Germany and France, perhaps California. When do you really listen to music? When do you still spend time with her ?  
No doubt when it surprises you, when it takes you somewhere other than where you thought you would find it. When, too, you find yourself in the middle of the night when she has approached you in the middle of the day, in the hollow of the sun and the light. Where did the time go? He got lost in the sequence of an all-wanting instrument. So much the better.  Alexandre Bazin’s gesture is located somewhere in between all of this, between the absolutely abrupt moments where you feel the machines spinning as if they were nourished and motivated by a body which is aware only of its contact with them. And then, between the pieces, between what turns and hypnotizes, a consciousness is revealed, which underlines a singular way of making music, beyond the machines themselves, with the delicacy and the silence of those who are calm only when it comes time to fall asleep soundly. That is to say? That is to say almost never. And so much better for sleepless nights and electrified full moons, eyes wide open, static light buzzing in mind. Softness hovers from end to end of it all, of this delicately sleepwalking disc, weightless.

© text by Joseph Ghosn
© Design : The Royal Studio

︎︎︎ Guitar: Maxence Crouzard (tracks 2, 6 )
︎︎︎ Drums: François Desmoulins (tracks 2, 6, 8, 9) & Bass (track 5)