March 18, 202 /Design: © Daniel Castrejón

Alexandre Bazin returns to Umor Rex records with a 4-track 12-inch vinyl due on March 18, 2022. This new EP encompasses a multitude of electronic styles, ranging from experimental to dancefloor, while integrating sounds of house music as well as acoustic drums. “Four Steps” - as in four new steps - towards increasingly more techno music. This EP emphasizes Alexandre’s evolution towards techno music. Giving him the room to synthesize his favorite genres, where electronic soundscapes, sound experimentation, and computer programming all mingle with his concise compositions.
- Four Steps I begins with a house rhythm track that evolves with gravity and that is interspersed with melodies created with his Buchla Music Easel among other instruments.
- Four Steps II presents the listener with electronic acid and house loops made with Alexandre’s EMS Synthi. The song develops minimally staying true to techno-specific writing.
- Four Steps III begins with a raw and dirty almost punk introduction, then opens up to more house music. Alexandre called on François Desmoulins to record drums on this track which he later remixed with a drum machine.
- Four Steps IV is at the crossroads of drone music, ambient music and techno. A drone base with tiny variations in filters and pitch, provides the listener with a practically infinite layered techno loop.