Umor Rex Records - UR089

Hand-numbered limited edition of 105 copies on pro-dubbed chrome tape, packaged in a silkscreened cardboard-box printed on 100% recycled stock with insert and download coupon.

July 2016

︎︎︎ Graphism : Daniel Castrejón 
Alexandre Bazin is a Paris-based composer. Full Moon combines his perpetual musical influences —film music and experimentalism— as the departure point for his Umor Rex debut. Eleven stunning compositions with a neo-classical signature, an obsessive focus on structure and a refined sense of melody. Emotional compositions serve as interludes to relaxing, post-new age moments, with plenty of space for intuitive beat journeys. An independent-minded composer attuned to the society that surrounds him, he channels the fury of the world into exceptional music marked with poetry. With a free-thinking approach to writing, Alexandre transcends context and genres. Full Moon is the meeting point of early electronic analog exploration and classical minimalism.