Alexandre Bazin has been shaping electronic music with an experimental approach since the early 2010s. He was involved in the experimental scene on the outskirts of GRM.

With his offbeat experimental music encompassing multiple electronic styles, Alexandre attempts to synthesize experimental and electronic music. The use of analog synthesizers, electronic and computer software programming are at the heart of the composer’s creative process.

His music is released by Important Records (USA), Umor Rex Records (Mexico), Polytechnic Youth (UK).

He has performed at Moogfest Festival in the USA in 2018. One of his live performances was recently broadcast on the French TV channel CultureBox in 2021. He plays live at the Gaîté Lyrique in 2022.

Alexandre Bazin is a member of the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales), for whom he writes 60-minute documentaries* about music for the radio, and arranges interviews with artists-in-residence


2018.05.18 : Moogfest festival (USA)  
2021.03.03 : France TV - Live Show
2022.10.12 : Chabada - Musee Jean Lurcat (France)
2022.12.03 : Gaité Lyrique - Marathon! festival (France)


The Wire Magazine “Swell tape by this current member of Paris’s GRM organisation. The sounds range from classic Pierre Schaeffer-like collisions of whacked-out sound waves to saturnine insect buzzing and even stretches that are qite proggy. Excellent ! “  (source)

France TV “Alexandre Bazin is an UFO” (source)

Tiny Mix Tapes “comparable at times to both minimal wave and recent Cliff Martinez film scores, while also informed throughout by 20th century European classical tradition” (source)

Boomkat “Think Pye Corner Audio meets François de Roubaix and you’ve got a grop on Bazin’s sublime synthetic sound” (source)

Norman Records “French composer Alexandre Bazin, whose music straddles the classical with electronic with the crazy thought they could be one in the same”

Hartzine “le Parisien the Parisian member of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales reveals a personal universe between cinematographic translation and cosmic metonymy.”  

Reverb LP interview - Moogfest USA (source)

Beware "Alexandre Bazin is determined to explore new technical and artistic means to create a style of his own." (source)

The Drone "11 delicate compositions bathed in neo classic pop, hints of ancestral minimalism as well as spatial new age escapes." (source)

The Slow Music Movement “A wonderfully atmospheric exercise in ambient minimalism from Alexandre Bazin for Important Records as he lights the route, smoothes the path & leaves a tempting tonal trail to the warm & welcoming end of the rocky world of experimental electronics.” (source) 

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